Make spaces switcher behave like app switcher

First of all this is a great product!

I’d love t know if it’s possible to get the spaces switcher (currently control-tab for me) to behave the way command-tab behaves. I’ve enabled circulation which is great for cycling.

however i’d love

  1. to be able to “toggle” between spaces… the way command-tab does for apps if only invoked once, i.e. going back and forth between the most recently used app.

  2. would be even better to have an option to have command-tab only cycle between the apps within a specific space

is this possible? Many thanks!


Last space toggle - that’s something we are considering.

Cmd-tab behaviour is something that is hard to modify, we’ve looked at it before. I think it’s unlikely we’ll be able to fix this unfortunately.

Thanks for the prompt reply. Last question as I use it more:

Is there a way for Command-Tabbing to a particular app to switch me to the space/desktop that app belongs to? right now it’s almost like command tab is disabled for apps that are “pinned”

Redzep - I think what you might need to do is go in to the Mission Control prefpane and make sure that “When switching to an application, switch to a space with open windows for the application” is selected. See the attached screenshot:

Hope this helps! I know that when I CMD-TAB to a particular app I always get switched to that app’s space.

I think this is easily solved:
Look in Mission Control preferences. Turn on “When switching to an application, switch to a Space with open windows for the application”.

I am an idiot. thank you both.

This is slightly different and I feel again that there will be a forehead-smackingly obvious answer but:

how do I drag and drop across spaces/desktops? Not talking about moving apps or windows from one space to another, but like a finder file into a web browser… thanks!

OK, so I discovered if i click on a finder item and move to a new space, i can drag and drop it (yay!)

Also discovered if i click and hold an app window and move to a new space, it stays there so I can refer to it as needed. Unfortunately it stays there permanently, when I switch back to the space it originally belonged to, it’s gone.

What I guess would be great would be hotkey to temporarily disable Spaces (or totalspaces) just if one needs to refer to an app/window from a different space, and then be able to go back to clean organized, differentiated spaces.

is this possible?