Making menu bar icon stand out

TotalSpaces2 is great, but the only thing I find difficult is rapidly locating the icon (so I can determine the desktop number) in the menu bar. I have a jumble of information, which includes other numbers, plus the order of the icons does change.

Is is possible to configure the text color and/or background color for the icon in the menu bar?


Not at the moment. It would be a neat feature though.

I’d even be happy if it required modifying a plist to adjust the setting (if you wanted to avoid the UI work for it)

Oh go on then. Please try this version:

You may change the dark background colour of the icon like so in the Terminal:

defaults write com.binaryage.TotalSpaces2 menuBarIconColor “425bb3”

You don’t need to restart TotalSpaces2, but it will cache the values for a while (for a number of space changes). So if you move around your grid a few times you’ll see the new colour.

The cross colour, and the numeric text colour can’t be changed.

That’s perfect! Just what I needed. Thanks a million!