Mavericks - Cmd + W not working properly

hi every body!
Im on Mavericks, and when Totalfinder is running, hitting Cmd+W will close the Finder window with every tabs in it, not just the current tab as it should be.

Turn off Totalfinder and Cmd+W working normal again

Do you have the same issue or any suggestion for a fix, many thanks!

I just wanted to bump this up, I’ve been having the same problem (CMD+W doesn’t close finder windows, it just makes a system alert sound) since Mavericks. It’s definitely not consistent.

One thing that always works is CMD+OPT+W which closes all finder windows. I’m not sure if that’s helpful or not.

Quitting and relaunching TotalFinder fixes it for a while.

I have recently uninstall Total finder as it creates more and more problems with Mavericks:)
I personally think Macericks is one of the worse OSX ever:)

I just wanted to report that I am still experiencing the problem where CMD+W doesn’t work to close Finder windows in Mavericks 10.9.1 and TotalFinder 1.5.12 including the Finder preferences window.

CMD+OPT+W continues to work to close ALL windows.


I was unable to reproduce it here. For me it works as expected and this would really cause tons of bug reports (which is not happening).

Do you see any message in the when that alert sounds happens?

Could you try TotalFinder under clean user profile (via System Preferences create a new user, log under it and launch TotalFinder there).

Haven’t had it in a while and there have been a bunch of updates so I’m assuming it’s fixed whatever it was.

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Well, I thought this was fixed but just experienced it again under 10.10.3. I can’t tell you what the conditions are but it’s the same symptom. Relaunching Finder and restarting TotalFinder fixes it.