Mavericks Total Finder Icon in Yosemite

Great app, I’m glad you’re continuing to update it for the OS changes.

I loathe the new flat look of all of Yosemite. It looks like it was designed by a Microsoft engineer (not even a designer). I’ve figured out how to revert the OS back to the Mavericks shaded folder icons and revert the dock to a 3-D look, thereby greatly diminishing the flat look. That’s all well and good—it’s a lot more palatable now.

As part of the appearance ‘improvement’ I also changed the Total Finder icons back to 10.9 versions within the resources folder within the app itself and also in the Library/ScriptingAdditions/TotalFinder.osax/contents/resources/Agent/10.10 bundle yet the Total Finder icon in the dock hasn’t changed. I’ve tried deleting the system caches and restarting, but the Yosemite icons still stick.

Are you willing to supply a tip on how to get the icon to update? Are they stored in yet another place?

BTW—Wish list item: Provide an option to revert to the Mavericks icon that doesn’t require hacking. It really is better looking.