Maverics: bring back "fn" key support in TS2


fn key in the shortcut settings is missing. Can u please bring it back? (no, I can’t use other combinations - they are used for a standard text and OS manipulations).


Yes, we’ll try to bring that back for the next update.

Along the same lines - I used to be able to assign “ALT + ESC” to summon the overview grid. This no longer works. As soon as I hit the ESC key during the hotkey assignment, it just blanks out the hotkey field.

I’ll look at alt-esc as well. Thanks for the report.

Please update to 2.0.5. Using the new Custom settings in the hotkeys prefs you can assign the Fn-arrow keys.

Also alt-esc is now possible.

Awesome! Thanks very much, Stephen!

Now that’s the user support I’m talking about! Thanks.