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Hi Steve, is there any update on a way to have TF running again through disabling and then enabling SIP (but a more convenient way). I tried doing it by following the technical instructions but I keep getting “Won’t Launch”. Cheers and appreciate your attempts at getting TF and TS up and running again.


Double-check that you don’t have an extra copy of TotalFinder.osax in your /Library/ScriptingAdditions. You should only have a copy in /System/Library/ScriptingAdditions

Otherwise, let’s see if there’s more information about this issue in the Console:

You can send the output into for privacy.


Thanks Steve. Appreciate the reply. I’ve just forwarded an email.


Hi Steve, any update on my problem with not getting TF to start? I had sent you an email with output from console?



Apparently I am a horrible, deceptive person. I’d forgotten I had SIP partially disabled on both machines (because I was toying with unsigned kexts). I had finished up with that on one of my machines, turned SIP back on, and sure enough, now TotalFinder is giving me the “Trouble starting, Apple events not being delivered” message.

Going back to recovery boot and running csrutil enable --without debug brought back TotalFinder functionality. So SIP is partially enabled, but not fully:

$ csrutil status
System Integrity Protection status: enabled (Custom Configuration).

	Apple Internal: disabled
	Kext Signing: enabled
	Filesystem Protections: enabled
	Debugging Restrictions: disabled
	DTrace Restrictions: enabled
	NVRAM Protections: enabled

This is an unsupported configuration, likely to break in the future and leave your machine in an unknown state.


Hi Steve,

What a great idea to open up this communication channel.

I’m an avid TotalFinder user. Yesterday’s update to Sierra went smoothly, TF still runs rock solid with SIP enabled, after redoing the steps as described in your clear and concise instructions.

But enough with the schmoozing :smile: The reason I came here was an idea for a new feature:

I use a couple of Finder services a lot and it annoys me that they are all hidden behind the Services menu item in the Finder’s context menu. This makes it cumbersome to use the same service repeatedly. It would be great if I could “promote” my favorite services to the top level of the context menu so that they are more accessible (IIRC it used to be like that in earlier versions of OS X, but I don’t recall when exactly they changed that).

Since TF “messes” with the contents of the context menu anyway, my idea was that this would kind of fit into the list of possible features.

Thanks and keep up the good work!


Good idea. I have created a feature request in your name so I can follow up with you if/when things progress.


Hi Steve, any update on my problem. I sent you an email in August. TF still doesn’t work for me after upgrading to Sierra. Thanks.


Version: TotalSpaces2 v2.4.9 - I am running macOS Sierra (10.12.0) on a late 2014 iMac with 32GB RAM. No recipe for repeating but TotalSpaces2 occasionally, mysteriously goes away (dies without a dialogue asking about sending a report) after being idle for a while (the screensaver is always active and after restoring the desktop (no password required) I find that TotalSpaces2 is missing from the top of my Mac). Not that I think it is relevant but I am running the Apple stock “Shifting Titles” screensaver. So far this has been happening perhaps 4 or 5 times a week. My iMac is up 24x7 and I have 8 desktop spaces.

Anyone else having this issue?


Long live TotalFinder.



Steve, I remembered a feature I’ve found a need for for quite a while. I wonder if anyone else could find valuable, feature request being:

  • Ability to enable Individual Column Sort Modes [perhaps as discreet dropdown embedded at top of column)

Outside of something like the Downloads folder hosted in the sidebar which opens a tab and retains the last sort setting of By Date Added… I find that most of the time, my colleagues and I navigate almost always in Column View and by Name (with folders at top), though certain things are needed by most recent or by changed/created date, but to switch switches the whole view, and we flip between finder locations pretty often, for instance, between project files and incoming client files (feedback, references, etc) often from same current tab… which, to compensate for the commonality and convenience of keeping the view in Sort by Name, most of the time, we tend to “YYYY.MM.DD - …” folders with incoming content to log it it, most of the time, so that by default forces by Name sort to also organize by the date of those file groups… and doesnt require changes Sort modes, but it is tedious and sometimes missed by project managers/leads…

Always envisioned it would be nice to have an toggle-able option where at the top of columns you could flag an individual sort mode for a particular folder/column so that mode switching and special folder/file naming workarounds could be avoided. Ideally this would be recalled, when that folder’s column is revisited, summarized:

  • optional discreet Individual (per-column) Column Detail(s) as seen in List View [requires auto-adjust column width to be enabled]

Additionally. It would be cool to be able to add certain qualities to a column (in tandem with the current super awesome feature of Automatically adjust widths in Column View) that would borrow from List View, to display details without cluttering the entirety of the the Column view, for instance (taking the above scenario of a client incoming folder) having the Date Added text print in a lighter discreet type right aligned to the file names in column view only in the folders marked to do so would completely solve that naming workaround and add a lot of customize-able functionality the dominant view mode of the finder, without needing to switch to List view (which i use about as often as Icon view or Cover Flow… meaning close to never)

What are your thoughts. The community? Anyone else want an option for a feature like these?


I just want TotalFinder could run in macOS Sierra.


I would like TotalFinder to affect the view of the Finder you get when you use an application to open or save a file. It does not touch the sidebar of that view. Why should I see anything that looks like a folder being changed to a generic folder when I customized the appearance of all folders with shortcuts in the sidebar? I also dislike grey icons.


It does run in Mac OS Sierra. I am using it right now.

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