Meet Steve & what's next for TotalFinder and TotalSpaces

Updated January 2017:

After 10 months, I must excuse myself from the BinaryAge team in order to do right by these amazing apps, dedicated customers, and the talented Antonin and Stephen.

Blog Post: BinaryAge moves ahead in 2017

Best of luck and thanks to everyone who dedicated their time and efforts to help drive TotalFinder/TotalSpaces forward in 2016. Those energies were well captured so more capable hands might see it through in 2017.


Original Post:

Hey! I’m Steve. As you might have already heard on the BinaryAge blog, I’ll be taking over development of TotalFinder and TotalSpaces!

We wanted to open up discussion to help answer any concerns you might have about this transition and to seek your feedback on the direction of each product and BinaryAge as a whole.

Here are my plans for BinaryAge:

  1. Address SIP: I want to improve customer understanding of System Integrity Protection (SIP), a security feature introduced in OS X 10.11, and improve/automate the process of installing and running our products with SIP fully enabled!
  2. New Features: Looking at TotalFinder and TotalSpaces with a fresh set of :eyes:, I have a lot of features in mind for both. And with a fresh set of :ear:, I want to hear your feedback to get a better feel of how these apps should evolve. (Haven’t decided what to do with my fresh :nose:)
  3. New Products: BinaryAge has a reputation for producing high-quality, system modifying apps like TotalFinder and TotalSpaces. This type of app is not easy to make, so the foundations of TotalFinder and TotalSpaces allow me to explore app ideas that simply can’t be done any other way.

If you don’t want to share your feedback publicly, you’re welcome to contact, or email these guys directly:


Just wanted to chime in and wish Steve good luck with TotalFinder and TotalSpaces. I’m confident that he is a capable developer to take over the projects and he has a great track record with his Irradiated Software. Definitely check his other apps out! I personally have been a long-time user of SizeUp - couldn’t live without it.


I’ve been a TotalFinder user since 2012 and it has never disappointed me so far. I’ll be very happy as long as support for the current feature set is continued on future OS X releases, and I’m personally fine with disabling part of SIP. (Yes, I fully understand the tremendous difficulty of working with private APIs, monkey patching and stuff, and I fully understand sometimes breaking changes simply make certain things impossible. Cheers to you guys who have made it happen then kept it working over the years.) It’s awesome to have a new developer with equal passion for TotalFinder.

Rather than suggesting a new feature, the only minor annoyance for me in TotalFinder at the moment is the following: I have chosen to “automatically adjust widths in Column View” (one of the most important reasons I use TF), and limit maximum column width to 400px. Occasionally I would have some long filenames that exceed 400px, and they’ll be truncated; in this case I could double click the column divider (Right Size This Column) to show them in full. In stock Finder, this change would be retained until I navigate away from the resized directory. However, in recent versions of TF (ever since automatic resizing was fixed for El Cap, currently 1.7.12), the column will be resized to 400px every time the selection changes, even within the same directory. Presumably this is a side effect of the automatic resizing fix — the view seems to be refreshed (with widths recalculated) for all navigation moves.

The aforementioned problem happens rarely enough because I seldom have filenames that long. I probably should have reported a bug, but I never remembered to do so :slight_smile:

I’m afraid I stopped using TotalFinder because I did not want to disable any part of SIP. If one day it works without having to disable SIP in OS X I will be back in a flash. Hope all ‘old’ users get an email when it is,

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I too stopped using it because of SIP and some bugs that were starting to annoy me. I even started to write a total finder replacement. So if you could bring back Total Finder and I don’t have to replace it would be great! I also have been lost with out total spaces.

I would disable my screen to be able to keep using TF :slight_smile:

It would be nice if it worked under SIP, but I just want it to keep working in some fashion under every future MacOS, so Steve’s addition is a welcome and hopeful sign of that.

My only feature request would be to extend the control of a column’s width to the List view, as well (where I spend 98% of my time.)

Best of luck, Steve, and welcome aboard.

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This is great news. I purchased both TF and TS the day before the announcement without knowing for sure if they had a future.

Like a couple other people have mentioned, it would be nice if “automatically adjust column widths” worked in List view. I only use List view.

Something that might be a little harder to implement would be making the tabs look native as opposed to Chrome style. Also hiding the tab when there is only one.

These 2 things are more important to me than making TF and TS working under SIP. I’m not sure I will ever enable SIP. Having root is too convenient.

I didn’t see any mention here of asepsis. Hope that continues to be supported as well. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ve created a new topic to discuss the column width issue.

Are you willing to temporarily disable part of SIP, install TF/TS, then re-enable SIP?

I would like to talk more about adding “auto col width” for the List view. Would you mind creating a new topic so we can explore the idea?

You can still run TotalFinder, but disable TotalFinder’s tabs and use the native Finder tabs instead.

Through the course of developing TotalFinder and TotalSpaces, fixes and features will likely make their way into TotalTerminal and Asepsis.

Something that might be a little harder to implement would be making the tabs look native as opposed to Chrome style. Also hiding the tab when there is only one.

I see the Chrome style as a plus, and I believe many people do. In fact, if you have ever tried XtraFinder (not sure if I’m allowed to talk about it here), Chrome-styled tabs is a feature, although its implementation is much worse than TF (it seems).

Of course, some folks might prefer the Safari style, but just want to point out the Chrome style is a pretty essential feature in itself too.

EDIT: Didn’t see Steve’s reply above.

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As long as SIP will then give me the same security, I think I probably would. I do miss having colors on Folders!

Yes, I know. To clarify, I like the dual-tab feature of TF but I don’t like how the tabs don’t look native (so at the moment, have them off).

Personally I care about things looking native. I also use Safari. So having a mix of Chrome and Safari style tabs makes things look a little inconsistent.

But because some people do prefer Chrome-style tabs, I suppose it would have to be optional.

Good point, I didn’t think about dual-tab. Interesting idea, dual-tab for native tabs. I’ll look into it.

Yep, SIP will be fully enabled. You’re basically telling OS X very explicitly that you trust TF/TS by placing it in a special location. We have a technical version of these instructions now if you’re interested, but I’m working to make the process easier.


+1 for more love to Total Terminal.

Glad to see the handoff and looking forward to continued stability.

Also count me in as someone who would gladly pay for an updated license that works without SIP being altered.

I haven’t used TotalFinder since El Capitan but would love to have it back.
I’m guessing like almost everyone I stopped using it because I didn’t want to manually go through the SIP process.

If this could be done automatically as part of the setup then I would use it again and even be happy to pay for the upgrade.

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Steve, I too encourage you to continue to try to make TotalFinder work with El Capitan and follow on OS X releases. I am a paying user and happy with existing features. Just want it to work without having to disable security features. However, would it be possible to just put two Apple finder windows, with their side bars on the left, bonded side by side? The present TotalFinder window is wonderful, but having side bar on the left side of the right pane would be just fine with me.

Crax Commander gets a lot of good things, but it doesn’t have any right window sidebar.