Column width issues on El Capitan

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@ZhimingWang wrote:

Rather than suggesting a new feature, the only minor annoyance for me in TotalFinder at the moment is the following: I have chosen to “automatically adjust widths in Column View” (one of the most important reasons I use TF), and limit maximum column width to 400px. Occasionally I would have some long filenames that exceed 400px, and they’ll be truncated; in this case I could double click the column divider (Right Size This Column) to show them in full. In stock Finder, this change would be retained until I navigate away from the resized directory. However, in recent versions of TF (ever since automatic resizing was fixed for El Cap, currently 1.7.12), the column will be resized to 400px every time the selection changes, even within the same directory. Presumably this is a side effect of the automatic resizing fix — the view seems to be refreshed (with widths recalculated) for all navigation moves.

The aforementioned problem happens rarely enough because I seldom have filenames that long. I probably should have reported a bug, but I never remembered to do so :slight_smile:

I’m curious, do you notice this issue in all folders, or perhaps only in the Dropbox folder, or some other special folder?

In all folders.

This auto adjust feature doesn’t work at all for me correctly. It’s random at best and doesn’t seem to follow any reliable logic.

Sierra latest.