Merge All Windows missing

In Mavericks there is an option to Merge All Windows to put all open Finder Windows into 1 tabbed window, this option is not available in TotalFinder and I have to turn off TotalFinder to get it. Is this going to be implemented?

I agree. You could implement something like this that’s already been developed for Chrome.:

Yes, I would like to see this to. TotalFinder should add functionality, not take it away. Otherwise I love the product.

You can drag windows by hand into one Chrome window. Keyboard shortcut would be handy and I could implement it but I have more severe issues on my list right now.

One more vote for combining windows. This is such a constant problem for me in Mavericks that I am going to have to disable Total Finder for now, much as I love Total Finder.

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One more vote from me as well. Having many windows spread across many desktops in many monitors is a mess!

Sometimes finder windows are going a real mess with all spaces and opened windows from multiple apps. TotalFinder’s glitches are also boosting this missing finder windows time to time. Looking forward to this feature.