Middle click to open new tab

Is there any possibility that TotalFinder will be updated to allow opening new tabs (from Sidebar or elsewhere) by middle clicking on a folder? This was requested on the old forums and never got an official response as far as I know.



Ok, pasted it as a new item into our github/issues list. This means I will eventually implement it when we finish porting TF to Mavericks.

Awesome! Thank you!

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I have just customised some relevant Discourse settings, so it should be better now. We’ve deployed Discourse just recently, so it has still some rough edges.

Just wanted to say +1 to this idea. I use Clover, which does the same thing as Totalfinder for Windows Explorer and has this feature, and using the middle mouse button to open a folder in a new tab would be a very useful addition (in my opinion).

Hi @darwin: I know others may have more pressing issues with TF that need fixing, but I just wanted to check to see if this feature request was making its way up the list.


Would nice for a status update, because we almost 3 years after this suggestion was made and nothing happend. I mean, aren’t we already in El Capitan? :wink:

This is the first third party finder I found, which forgots this small but common feature for modern applications.

Wow, time flies :wink:

The news is that TotalFinder is in transition. So while things are moving forward, admittedly slowly, replies like yours are helpful so I know what issues are still relevant to users. I’m happy to look into when I’m up to speed.

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