Migratein only looks in /Users/myUserName

Using the migrate command

asepsisctl migratein

migrating all .DS_Store files from /Users/Skrypt into /usr/local/.dscage

Seems to only migrate .DS_Store files in my user folders. How can I have it migrate .DS_Store files outside that directory or for the entire system?

use --root command line switch

just looked at the sources here: https://github.com/binaryage/asepsis/blob/master/ctl/cmd/migratein.rb

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Two questions:
(1) how do get Asepsis to clean out my user folders when those folders are on another drive i.e. not the operating system drive? What is the syntax I would use in the --root option to clean out files on other hard drives (Iā€™m not a command line power user)? I have two internal drives in my MacMini2009 - one is an SSD running the operating system & applications; the other is a regular HDD containing all my user files.
(2) Does Asepsis monitor and prevent DSCage file creation throughout the entire system? If not, can this be enabled somehow?

  1. use the --root parameter and point it to your mounted volume. E.g. /Volumes/HARDDRIVE1
  2. yes, Asepsis is effective for all .DS_Store files in whole system