Minimum Finder window height too high on MBP

On my MBP (15-inch, Late 2013) using TF 1.10.10 the window height in Visor mode can’t be reduced enough. It takes up nearly half the screen. When I go to reduce the size by dragging the top edge, all I am presented with is an up arrow ↑ and not the bi-directional arrow.
I’m not sure if this is a bug but if it isn’t it’s pretty annoying, I am often having to work around the problems it causes - mainly with trying to drag and drop files on to other apps.

Here is how you can disable min size constraint:

But then you might experience issues like this one:

Disabling the restraint sounds like a good work around but the disappearance of the first few items is annoying… but, as I reported, I get that problem with the min height enabled anyway sooooo… yeah, might have to live with the min height enabled.