Mirrored tabs above and below the toolbar

I do not know if this is a bug or feature, but it is acting strangly. When I open total finder it shows the tabs on top as normal and then the tabs below the toolbar like OSX. See link:picture of tabs over and under toolbar
The big problem is the lower tabs are controlling all of the upper tabs. Say I click on the lower tab named Applications, when I click on the upper tabs, no matter which one, they all show Applications. So I have to ignore lower tabs and just use the upper tabs. Is there a way to remove the lower tabs?

This is not a bug. The top tabs are TotalFinder’s tabs and the tabs below are Apple Finder’s own “native” tabs. You should decide which tabs you want to use. You can get rid of native tabs by closing all extra native tabs and then hiding the native tab bar (Main Menu -> View -> Show/Hide Tab Bar).