Misbehaving finder/totalfinder window

Not at all sure how to explain this…

Mac OS 10.13.4
Totalfinder 1.10.9
Totalspaces 2.6.24

Intermittently, when calling the visor, after closing the visor another finder window appears, and jumps up and above the to of the screen. Meaning that only the bottom half of the window is visible. The toolbar and tabs are not visible. I can grab the window and pull it down, but as soon as I release it, it jumps back to be half off the screen. Can even resize the window, but impossible to close it. The only way to resolve it is a Terminal Killall Finder command. It only affects one of the TotalSpaces windows.

attaching a screenshot

Anticipatory thanks…


Well, that may be the fastest service I’ve ever seen. A few minutes after posting my query I see the notification for the 1.10.10 update, which evidently fixes the “ghost window” issue, which I suspect is what I am experiencing.

Fingers crossed…