Missing files with Dropbox/Google Drive

Hi all,

I’ve had an issue with dropbox/google drive and it has been quite frustrating. Sometimes I need to re-organize these folders and ways I would do that is by cutting / pasting files and moving them around. The problem is when I do this within Google Drive/Dropbox they end up having to delete/re-upload the files. However in the regular Finder the ability to cut files does not exist. I’ve spent hours re-arranging my files only to wakeup the next morning to discover they’re all missing!

I’ve gone back and forth with Google and Dropbox in attempting to resolve this problem. To say the least I only copy files now and then delete them. However in an attempt to prevent others who use Google Drive/Dropbox from losing their files I’d like to make this issue known.

While I haven’t exclusively been able to find direct evidence that TotalFinder is the cause I am highly suspicious due to the added functionality of being able to cut/paste files when Google Drive/Dropbox are perhaps not compatible with that functionality.

I think at the least this is worth further testing to help validate my own conclusion on this.