Mouse bug on tabs

I am using Mac OS 10.10.5 and TotalFinder 1.7.12. A while ago, I posted about a bug where once cmd-tabbing back into TotalFinder, the mouse has no control over the currently selected tab. If I click on any files, the currently selected folders/files just blink and nothing happens. The solution I found (although the bug should be fixed) is to click again on the tab you want to use, which somehow reactivates the mouse on it. However, yet another problem has arisen:

Intermittently, when I try to fix my mouse not working and click on the tab, TotalFinder will freeze up for a couple seconds, then the tab will become “stuck” to the mouse, as if it were being dragged, even though I am not holding down any buttons. Additionally, the tab will stick to the cursor until I restart Finder and TotalFinder. This is an annoying bug and if someone could either look into it or offer some suggestions of how to fix it, that would be great. Thanks!

Yes, please help TotalFinder! :slight_smile:

The identical problem with the tab being stuck to the mouse has also happened to me before. I am running the latest Totalfinder 1.8 on Mac Os Sierra. However this had already happened to me previously on El Capitan.