Move all windows of an app

I’m still using Mission Control to do this, because it’s faster. Is there a way to do that with Total Spaces? I can only move one window of an app at a time.

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Hi, sorry not at the moment.

Is there a way to do this with Mission Control?

Yes, there is. When you drag an app to another workspace, drag it by the icon, and Mission Control will drag all the windows of the app (which are in the workspace).

Ah, I usually have “Group windows by application” turned off, so I never noticed that before.

It might be hard to implement, but maybe the “move window” command of TotalSpaces could also bring other windows of the application, if an additional modifier is pressed?

I was about to request this when the excellent forum administering app showed me this topic!

This was a function that’s been available in Spaces from Leopard, I think. Earlier it was available via modifier key, so thiagoaraujos is on the right track.

I use it so often that I’m surprised there are not more requests, especially now that Preview, Quicktime Player and other apps remember their earlier open windows when re-started. They often pile onto the Space that Finder is in when I double-click to open a file and the app is started and brings all earlier open files back in.

I’m also surprised nobody requested that (whole lotta useful) feature. It’s like something you don’t need, until you see it in action :slight_smile: