Move an app window to another space by dragging the window to the screen edge

Hi, there.

Spaces in Mac OSX have a function, by which we can move an app window from one space to another just by dragging the window to the edge of our screen. Even after the installation of TotalSpaces, this function “partly” works. However, suppose that you have 2 by 3 spaces (in total, 6 spaces) and you want to move a window from space #1 directly to #4 by dragging the window to the bottom edge of the screen, it does not work because the Mission Control handles 1 by 6 spaces, not 2 by 3 spaces. Do you think you can fix this problem?


Hi, I was able to simulate this behaviour in earlier versions of TotalSpaces, but since Mavericks it became impossible. So instead we put in the Move Window hotkeys, which perform the same thing. I realise it’s not ideal, I’m sorry that we are not able to fix this.

Hi Stephen,

Thank you so much for your kind and quick reply. Got you. If a coming version can overcome this issue, it would be wonderful :smile: