"Move current window": Window disappears when mouse pointer is on a different display


I’ve come across a bug in TotalSpaces2. I’m on version 2.8.5 and macOS 10.13.6.

I have the following settings:

  • “Displays have separate Spaces” checked in Mission Control.
  • “Sync grids” checked in TotalSpaces2.

When the mouse pointer is on a display other than the current window’s display, the “Move current window” keyboard shortcut causes the moved window to disappear.

If I toggle to and from exposé mode in the overview grid, I see the window appear and disappear — it drifts in/out from/to the side of the moved-to space on the monitor that contains the mouse pointer. (EDIT: I mean the monitor that contained the mouse pointer at the time the window was moved.)

I can get the window back using one of my other tools — for example, if I use BetterTouchTool’s “move window to next monitor” command.

(replying to myself…)

I’ve upgraded my OS a few times.

I have the same behaviour with macOS 10.14, 10.14.5 and 10.14.6.

Some more info:

  • If I use “Move current window” again with the just-moved now-invisible window still selected and the mouse pointer still on a different display, the window appears briefly before the transition is made but has gone again after the transition.
  • If I move the mouse pointer to the screen containing the invisible window, “Move current window” will make the window visible.

In this case it sounds like TotalSpaces2 is moving the window to the space for the wrong monitor. Thanks for the report, I’ll look at how that can be resolved.


Is there any update on this issue? I’ve just started using multiple monitors again for the first time in a while and it would be great to have a fix if possible.