Move window to same position in different Space

This was a function available from original Spaces in Leopard. With a modifier key, one could move a window to another space and not change it’s position within the Space. This is useful especially for windows that are using full extents of the screen and then get shifted by a little bit when they arrive at new Space… very annoying to OCD’s!!! Thanks for considering.

Normally windows stay where you drop them in the overview grid, but pressing the ALT (option) key whilst dragging will cause the windows to retain their original position, so will be positioned as they were in the space the window came from.

You can swap this behaviour so that keeping the position is the default, and pressing the ALT key will allow the to be dropped in an exact position by using this commend, then restarting TotalSpaces.

defaults write com.binaryage.TotalSpaces2 placeWindowsAsDroppedByDefault NO

Thanks also for this tip. Did not know the ALT key use… Are there any other modifiers?

If you press SHIFT when hovering over a window, it will zoom it. That’s the only other one to be aware of.