Moving Files in Dual Mode with Shortcuts?

Hi, I am about to switch from Forklift to TotalFinder. TotalFinder has so many features I really love! But I haven’t found the most important function yet: How can I move Files in Dual Mode from one tab to the opposite/dual tab by shortcut? (I don’t want complicated Drag n Drop or Cut n Past… just one single shortcut)
I use this left-to-right or right-to-left moving from selected files all the time in Forklift.

Thanks in advance, Nils


I vote for this feature as well.
Coming from Forklift I also need “move to” shortcut (and “copy to”)

While we are waiting for this to be implemented I figured out a solution:
Use Keyboard Maestro to create both macros:
“move to” = Cmd+X -> Switch Active Panel -> Cmd+V -> Switch Active Panel
"copy to" = Cmd+C -> Switch Active Panel -> Cmd+V -> Switch Active Panel


So, had this feature been implemented or not?
If TotalFinder doesn’t have this basic set of shortcuts for all dual-pane file managers, I will have to choose another alternative, unfortunately.