Multicoloured sidebar shortcuts


I’ve just discovered the joy of TotalFinder, releasing me from the dungeon of OSX greydom. Now I’m wondering if it’s possible to apply different colours to ALL sidebar shortcuts (including personal folders), not just system icons like Applications, Pictures etc.)

For example, I have used tags to colour the folders below within the columns view, but when I drag them to the sidebar, they revert to generic light blue. I’d like to keep their colours in the sidebar, so they are easier to find quickly.

Is this possible?

Thanks very much for your help!

Unfortunately this is not possible with TotalFinder. What about changing actual icons of those folders? Maybe use some graphical editor and rotate hue of the standard icon?

Thanks for your response Darwin. Any way I can request that function in future builds?

Re your suggestion, I’m not sure how to do that - would it be done inside TotalFinder, or a separate operation? And do you know that this actually works as a way of changing sidebar folder colours, or is it a “try it and see” option? (Just wondering!)

Thanks again :slight_smile:

The suggestion has nothing to do with TotalFinder. You can assign custom icons to arbitrary folders in your system. Finder’s sidebar will then display them.

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Perfect. That’s a nice simple workaround and does exactly what I was looking for, thanks very much Darwin.

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Since Mavericks, I’ve used Erica Sadun’s sweet little utility, folderol, to color folder icons at the same time as I color-tag the folder names. Folderol is tiny, and absurdly simple to use. An added bonus: if you’re using TotalFinder to restore color to file/folder names, some “save-as” operations don’t display your color in the file-listing window–but folderol does. Color the folder icon too, and your visual cues will still work. Info at

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Thanks Levanah10, I’ll check it out. (And yes, was wondering how to make the “save as” dialogue exhibit the same colours as finder!)

Disable colored icon from Totalfinder.
Try mySIMBL and download ColorfulSidebar9.