Multiple monitors, TotalDisplays desktop grids switched to wrong monitors

MacOS Mojave Version 10.14.6
MacBook Pro 13-inch, Early 2015
TotalSpaces2 v2.8.12

Monitors each on HDMI:

  1. 13" MacBook display (“Color LCD”)
  2. LG Ultrawide
  3. HP 25es (rotated into Portrait mode)

Originally, I laid out the TotalSpaces grids:

  1. Color LCD: 3 desktops
  2. LG Ultrawide: 12 desktops (labelled)
  3. HP 25es: 7 desktops (labelled)
    all worked fine and survived restarts.

I had a power brownout which powered off/on the two external displays. They came back up (the laptop never lost power…) switched, in regards to TotalSpaces2. As follows:

  • In TotalSpaces2 Preferences, Layout tab, the dropdown titled "Select display: ", the two external monitors have swapped their TotalSpaces2, um… “display numbers”. Color LCD remains “1.” but the two externals monitors swapped their TotalSpaces2 display numbers (2. & 3.)
  • Further, in that "Select display: " the number of desktops shown for each display ALSO swapped.
    Now, TotalSpaces2 display #3. LG Ultrawide now shows 7 desktops, and those desktops are exactly labelled and contents, what should be showing on the HP 25es monitor in portrait mode. And, the TotalSpaces2 display #2. HP 25es now shows 12 desktops, labelled and contents correctly for what should be displaying on the Ultrawide.

I did read through the forums and followed recommended instructions suggested to Download DisplaySpacesManager Version 1.2 (1) written in 2014, and although blank when I opened it, I did save the current (wrong/incorrect) config.

There is no discernable way that I can see to proceed without a complete rebuild of all my desktops and spaces. Annoying and expensive use of my time. And, it seems, entirely necessary.

I do not see that this issue has been overcome successfully in the other forum threads on this serious issue. I was about to install this all on my other, newer, MacBook pro 16 inch.

What is the intended resolution of this? I’m not complaining, but I have quite run out of patience managing this time-saving app that requires stripping my security setting to run…