Native Tab? What's the difference to "usual" Tabs

Can anyone explain the difference

Native tabs come from OSX Mavericks Finder, just tabs. Design like Safari tabs.

TotalFinder tabs have a different design, Google Chrome style + some extra features.

When tabs are enabled in TotalFinder settings you add some more features than just tabs. For example: double clicking on a tab merges this tab with its neighbor tab to a split view. Closing a TotalFinder tab can be undone with CMD+Shift+T (or via menu). Right clicking on a tab brings up a tiny list of all parent folders, you can select one and jump to it.
What is also tied together with the TotalFinder tabs is the Visor feature (a special Window, which slides in from the bottom). This a bit unfortune relation is surely based on technical reasons. Maybe the visor feature can be separated from the tabs feature sometime in the future.
At least one can (does not have to) use TotalFinder tabs and native tabs together. That means a TotalFinder tab can contain several native tabs.
There might be more tab related diffs/improvements which I am currently not aware of.

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