New feature: "Auto Column Width" for the List view

This already exists for the ‘Column’ view in the Finder. Let’s talk/ponder/dream about this capability for the ‘List’ view. Do we want it? Is it feasible?

As far as I can tell, it should be totally feasible. I don’t have extensive experience with programming the ‘List’ view (NSTable), but I believe they behave a little different compared to Columns.

Perhaps @darwin can inform us as to why TotalFinder never offered auto column width for List view.

I never got to investigating this possibility. I believe it is just matter of reverse-engineering inner Finder workings and patching related functionality. I’m not aware of anything fundamental preventing this.

That would be helpfull. I mostly use the List view and have to ¨drag¨ the free space in the ¨column¨ often to get al the right view.

I do like the idea and will certainly look into whether it’s possible or not. Stay tuned.

It would be a life saver to allow Auto Column Width within list view.

Xtrafinder has this feature, but I had to switch to TotalFinder for Sierra support.

Any chance of this feature getting added? I primarily use List View and would love it to automatically adjust the column width.