New feature requests

  1. Ability to easily ‘swap’ left <-> right tab locations in Dual Mode: I like to have a left-to-right workflow, but often Dual Mode will place my source Tab on the right side and my destination Tab on the left.

  2. Integration with Default Folder X: Default Folder X is an exceptionally useful utility that would be even more useful if it displayed TotalFinder’s Tabs in its dropdown menu for opened Finder Windows.

  3. Ability to select which open (but hidden) TotalFinder Tab to bring to the front on either the left or right pane in Dual Mode. Getting the proper two Tabs to display in Dual Mode is inefficient if either Tab is already open in a hidden Tab, as the user needs to navigate through the file system rather than specifying to ‘bring to front’ the proper Tab.

  4. Command-W should close the active TotalFinder Tab in Dual Mode, not just one of them at random.