New space FIRST in line not last?

is there a tweak or plist hack i can do such that any time i “zoom” an app into a new space (the green dot), that it inserts itself FIRST in line, instead of last? ie, if i have 3 spaces already created, and i’m on the main space (so all 3 are to the right), then i zoom a browser window into a new space, i want to swipe right and be back in my main space, then from there swipe left and be back in the newly created space.

currently, i have to swipe right FOUR times to get back to my main space.

Sounds like a good idea to me, but TotalSpaces doesn’t directly control how MacOS creates fullscreen spaces.

That said, it would certainly be possible monitor the creation of spaces and to change the order of them when a new one is created. It would be possible through the TotalSpaces API at least (if you are a developer this may be of interest).

I probably won’t create this as an internal feature of TotalSpaces2 though.