New tab opens TotalFinder tab AND native tab



Since update 1.11.8 new tab (CMD+T or “+” button) opens one TotalFinder tab along with one native tab in Visor or regular windows.
Also the bug with tabs cut off is happening now on native tabs when opening new window…
I’m already missing 1.11.3, I hate native tabs and can’t use Finder without Visor as I’m exclusively using it since first TotalFinder release. :sob:

Btw that same bug on (1.11.3) TotalFinder tabs mysteriously disappeared few days ago after randomly enabling/disabling “Free Form Window” and “Freelance Window” -_-

Tab issue in the latest TotalFinder 1.11.8

Thanks for reporting. I had one other user having similar issue and we weren’t able to figure out the real cause. I’m waiting for more people to report this to pin-point the common cause.

You can downgrade to last working version for you (1.11.4 should work):

Interesting observation was that creating a pristine new user, logging under it and launching didn’t suffer from this issue. It must be something configuration-dependent.


I need a way how to reproduce this on my machine. Any help would be much appreciated.


Disabling “Open folders in tabs instead of new windows” in Finder preferences solved that issue opening TotalFinder and native tabs together :sweat_smile:

Opening a new window still cuts off tabs tho… but now it is replacing TotalFinder tabs with native ones and seems to somehow merge with Visor window.

Closing it and calling back Visor opens new fresh one with no bug.
(All good for me as I don’t use regular windows at all !! lol ^^)

PS: i will post screenshots from my settings if you want.


Hi everyone,

I use “regular windows” and I’m suffering from this issue/bug since the last update. For me it is an actual bug… I’m attaching a gif

Please re-open this bug and help me out :slight_smile: