No coloured icons after update to 1.5.19

Hi there,

some of the coloured icons on the side don’t work probably after i’ve updated to 1.5.19

These are:

iMac (computer icon)
AFP NAS/Server-Connection
SMB NAS/Server
some other network connections.


I used to be able to substitute my own colored icons by changing them in
In version 1.5.6, TF would use the colored versions of the icons for Shared and Networks devices

In 1.5.19 it is now grabbing the monochrome icons that start with ‘Sidebar…icns’, like

DEVELOPER: Can you change this back so that TF will grab the colored icns versions in CoreTypes.bundle once again?

The fix is available in the latest beta version v1.5.21:

Please update and report back.

1.5.21 has restored full color to the icons under ‘Shared’ devices. Thanks!!

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Thanks a lot - works fine !!!