Not responding on Mavericks

Hi All

I’ve been using TotalFinder for while now, and every so often it just hangs. This can happen when browsing folders or just when trying to open. Restarting sometime helped, but sometimes didn’t. I would have to force quit it, and it was showing as not responding.

I downloaded the most recent version (1.6.7) as some people reported on here similar issues, but it didn’t help.

It got worse recently, to the point where I’ve had to remove it as it would not play at all towards the end.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what this might be? I really miss having it.




I’m experiencing the same thing…

I just tried to install the very latest beta, and it hangs on startup on the Check for Updates dialog. Tired a few times and it still hangs at the same spot. Anyone any idea?

Maybe it is this problem?

Excellent, thanks darwin, that seems to have sorted that bit at least :smile:

This is a huge problem. I would like to solve it somehow, but I have been unable to reproduce it on my machines :frowning: