Notification graphic is missing after reboot

Version Info

  • OSX: v10.15.4
  • TotalSpaces2: v2.8.12

I have the “Show notification graphic on desktop change” option enabled and through the day it works fine. There are 9 Workspaces in a 3x3 grid, each w/ a custom label. The graphic is helpful not only to see which space I’m on, but also see the labels I’ve assigned to each space.

After rebooting, TotalSpaces2 starts, and I can use the keyboard shortcuts to toggle spaces w/o any issues. However, doing so fails to show the notification graphic. It doesn’t display again until I use one of the below workarounds.

Open TotalSpaces and go into preferences (don’t need to change anything) OR assigning a keyboard shortcut to the “Instant expose” and use it to quickly restore the functionality.

Desired Result
Resolve the issue so workaround are required to display the graphic.