Odd 'New Folder' Naming Behavior

I’m not sure when this behavior began, as I’ve just ‘lived with it’, but it gotten a bit annoying recently, so I figured I’d ask to see if I am the only one seeing it (using 1.7.2 on El Cap). Searching the forum didn’t yield much, by way of another post, so here I am…

In the past, I would right-click with the mouse to create a ‘New Folder’. The system would create a new folder, with the name highlighted, and I could immediately start typing the desired name for the new folder.

Recently (not sure when it started), I right-click to create a ‘New Folder’, BUT after the folder is created, the name of the folder is not in focus (and starting to type as before simply navigates around the parent directory, instead of renaming the new directory. The new folder retains the name ‘untitled folder’ until I manually click on it again, and rename it.

Am I the only one experiencing this? It’s not a HUGE deal of course, but it is a bit jarring, going from mouse to keyboard, then back to mouse once the keyboard rename didn’t work, back to keyboard…

Thanks in advance!


  1. Any reason you aren’t running the latest version (1.7.12)

  2. Do you get the same behavior when creating a new folder on the Desktop?

My apologies… I AM in fact running 1.7.12. I guess I fat-fingered my way through that part.

This same behavior is apparent on the desktop. Location doesn’t seem to affect where the behavior comes up. I only wish I had been paying attention to when it started occurring, so I could at least attempt to narrow down what might be causing it.