Odd TotalFinder Behavior

First of all I am so thankful that TF still works with macOS 12.5.

I wonder if anyone else if having the same odd behavior. Nine times out of ten, when I boot my system TF is not active. I say “active” because it is still listed under Activity Monitor as open.

To rectify, I open Activity Monitor, manually quit TF, quit Activity Monitor, then reopen TF. After that I have no more problems.

Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this behavior?

FYI: I use a Hackintosh with SIP setting as outlined in support docs (0x6)

@pkdesign Hi — apologies for the severely late reply.

Does this issue still occur for you with the latest version of TotalFinder? (※ TotalFinder 1.15.0, as of this writing)

If so, please run /Applications/TotalFinder.app/Contents/Resources/diagnose-totalfinder.sh in a Terminal session and send me the resulting file.

Also, are you using OpenCore or Clover? (This shouldn’t really matter, but it’s good to know.) And is your CPU an Intel CPU, or AMD?

Oh gosh, no problem at all! :slightly_smiling_face:

I didn’t even know there was a newer version, I was never offered it as an update. Using 1.14.2 currently. I will update and see if that helps.

I wrote a tiny script that I run to quit and reopen TF.

I run OpecCore (0.8.8 as of yesterday). Intel CPU (i9 9900K).

Thank you so much! And YEAH!! Ventura support. I just might update now.

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Hmm, I updated but it still seems to happen occasionally. I have sent you the diagnostic file in an email.