Off by one bug or totalspaces is just confused

Using a hot corner to bring up the overview grid and then double-clicking a space causes a weird offset of the space numbering internally. This is apparent when immediately using a hotkey to change spaces.

To reproduce:
-create a row with 3 spaces (in my case I have two rows of 3).
-open one app on space 3 and another app on space 1.
-While in space 1, bring up the overview grid from a hot corner
-double click on space 3
-now using the hotkeys to change back to space 2 or 1.
-the transition occurs but in the 1st use of the hotkey the current space (space 3) is repeated before moving to the next space.

This is especially annoying when say you have mail open on space 1 and a web browser open on another space.
Clicking a link in a mail message sends me to the space with the web browser (as expected) but then jumps right back to the previous space.

TotalSpaces v2.6.24 (this is a pre-release but same occurs in latest regular release)

I’m wondering if you have mission control hotkeys set to the same hotkeys you are using for TotalSpaces?

Check in System Preferences, select Keyboard and then select Shortcuts, and choose Mission Control on the left.
If there are conflicting hotkeys set for Move left a space and Move right a space, you should uncheck them.