Offering thanks to the Total Finder developer(s)!

Yeah, OK, I have to move on, but I will miss you! For years you have trudged the deep caverns of the Finder, and done an excellent job of providing what Apple could not. It is not that they have actually now made the improvements you were able to previously, but … protection is important and I am concerned appropriately. So, I appreciate you for what you have given me back in time over the years and for the increased efficiency that I have come to demand but sadly may not be able to get back.

T H A N K Y O U ! ! ! ! !

And, what is next for you???



Thank you for your kind words, Dennis. I’m glad my work helped make you more efficient.

I’m still thinking about my next-big-passion-project. In the past, my productivity tools were created for developers and made available as free open-source: TotalFinder was an exception - my only consumer-facing product. It started as a hack and it turned out to make good living over next 5 years. Who would guess? :smile: If you want to read more, I blogged about the beginnings.

This success was great, it earned me financial independence, but it had also other side, it pretty much slowed me down in new development, because I had to deal with support and business side of the project. I failed hiring people to outsource this work and I never wanted to grow a company on such shaky ground. Maybe I was too paranoid, but I was expecting Apple to kill TotalFinder with every upcoming release. It took them a while :wink:

At the beginning of this year I found passion in relatively new programming language called Clojure. Especially ClojureScript is super interesting. And after I started a few small projects to learn the language and libraries, I started working on tools for ClojureScript developers (again!). And over last few months I started on an experiment which is an attempt to implement practical structural code editor (for ClojureScript at first). The project is still an experiment at this phase. I have few other ideas for projects, but nothing has materialised yet. I guess I’m going to do some experiments for a while and we will see if anything good comes out. TotalFinder started as an experiment too.

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Why don’t you make total finder a stand alone program ? There is still a market for it.

I really wish you all the best of luck in your next adventure. From my side, I really want to echo what Dennis said and express my gratitude as well for all the wonderful years working with TF and how much I’ve loved the tool. From a development and support side, you have shown yourself to be an incredible class act in continuing to patch TF as you are able and offering up alternatives proactively. You’ve also shown incredible grace in answering people who are either not reading the other posts or don’t grasp the reality of the situation here.

Ultimately, I hope you are able to do something sustainable and rewarding for yourself since that’s ultimately the most important thing. You’ve shown how much you value us as users and I believe we owe it to you to tell you how much we value you as a developer. You’ve gone above and beyond in dealing with this situation, and I an extremely appreciative.