Open new tabs in Yosemite

I just updated to TotalFinder 1.6.27 and the “Open tabs with previous location” is no longer working.
My OS is Yosemite 10.10.3 and I have trashed preferences, restarted my system and that function no longer works.


Same here… Worked great in the previous version, but stopped working in the latest… :frowning:

very similar here, with Mavericks
sometimes it opens with same location, sometimes it opens with home folder
previous version was working correctly

also with latest version (1.6.27), CMD+T sometimes opens new tab, very often opens new tab but not next to others but likeover current window - it does not open like new window-new window has tab bar, this one does not
in dual tab view (split), when I pres CMD+T it does not open to tab with previous path, although I have it checked in preferences, it opens in home folder, as mentioned above

Hmm, I should look into that. I definitely touched that functionality to fix it for dual mode.

Same here

I am having this problem as well; TotalFinder version 1.6.27 on OS X Yosemite 10.10.3

Also the same here

to ammend my previous post from June 28 - new tab over current window opens only when I am in the root directory of current logical drive (core storage).
When I am in any of its subdirectories and od physical drives, the aboce problem does not appear.
Maybe it is somehow related to Corestorage?

Also just noticed:
When I open a new tab by clicking the ‘new tab button’ at the top of the screen (right of the current tab), the above problem appears: the tab won’t be opened with the current folder.

However, when I open a new tab by pressing cmd-T, the problem will not appear and the new tab will open with the current folder as intended.

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I have the same problem on 10.8.5 as well. cmd-T works the + tab opens in default folder.

Please please could we have a preference setting to choose whether to open folders either as a new tab or in the same tab or as a new window. It isn’t clear how TotalFinder interacts with the Apple preference for “Open folders in tabs instead of new windows”. I haven’t a clue what Dual mode is.

Just look and see what browsers offer for this, Chrome for example. So simple. TotalFinder used to do it when I first used it (under Mountain Lion?)

I have fixed this in TotalFinder 1.7.1:

I’m sorry it took so long.