Open new tabs with the last location

New tabs in TotalFinder open with your general Finder new window default, defined in your General Finder Preferences pane under “New Finder windows show:”

TotalFinder also lets you open new tabs with the last location you had open, essentially allowing you to duplicate your current tab.

Use the “Open new tabs with previous location” option located under the TotalFinder -> Tabs preference pane

This does not work for me, new tab always opens the location defined as “New Finder window show” from the regular Finder preferences… regardless of whether the “Open new tabs with previous location" is checked or not.

Hmm, I just tested it here on my machine running macOS 10.13.5 and latest TotalFinder 1.10.10 and it works as expected. Are we talking about TotalFinder’s Chrome-style tabs, don’t you expect this to work for Finder’s native tabs, right?

Could you please share your TotalFinder version and macOS version? Maybe I could test it under those.

Oh, I actually expected it to work for the Finder’s tab. I rarely ever use the Chrome tabs* at all that way. I’m so used to Path Finder where the “second level” tabs can be duplicated… but in your case they are the Finder’s tabs… I guess Path Finder can do this magic because all their tabs are native…

*PS: in my usual workflow (99% of the time)… I only open one “Chrome tabs window” in dual mode, then do all my other window opening in the secondary tabs on either side using what are unfortunately Finder’s tabs indeed. So I guess this will never be implementable… sad.