Open source TotalSpaces

So, much like all others here, I’ve been using TS for years, and have been following updates about the app’s future where and when I can, to the extent that I’m holding off on a badly needed upgrade because it wouldn’t have TotalSpaces (I’m on a 10y.o. MacBook Pro, using Catalina!)

There was mention of moving it on to an open source system so that interested developers can get involved (and others contribute financially, as I would) and to my mind, this seems the best way ahead. However, it all seems restricted to the occasional mentions and brief discussions on this or that thread, mixed in with discussions about other issues/questions. I guess and hope it’s okay (especially as a new user just signing up for the first time) to create a dedicated thread, as I can’t find something serving this purpose elsewhere.

Also doing this in the hope that it’s an easier way to generate thought, discussion and momentum in some way.

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