Opening DMGs in 1.6

I see from the release notes for 1.6 that it was an intentional feature to have DMGs open in a new window now, but it is way more disruptive to my workflow than I expected.

Any way we could control this behavior with a preference? The lack of sidebars on a DMG tab doesn’t bother me at all and the benefits to having it in the same tabbed window (dual mode, drag and drop across tabs, etc) more than make up for it.

I can see how others my feel the opposite, so if it would be possible to get the old behavior back even with a hidden pref, I’d be very happy.

If you want old behaviour, you can set this plist tweak in (TotalFinder restart is needed):

defaults write TotalFinderDoNotIgnoreDMG -bool true

You might also want to read my reasoning in this comment: