Opening windows animations don't come back after uninstalling TotalFinder


I use TotalFinder 1.6.13 with MacOS 10.10. After uninstalling TotalFinder, I’ve noticed that the opening windows animations were broken. I tried these command lines to fix this bit it didn’t work :

defaults write FXDisableFancyWindowTransition -bool false

defaults write AnimateWindowZoom -bool true

defaults write DisableAllAnimations -bool false

Do you have any solution ? Thank you.

TotalFinder uninstaller should set those. Have you restarted via CMD+OPT+ESC after tweaking those plist keys?

Here are tweaks done during installation:

Here are tweaks executed during uninstallation:

I have the same issue after uninstalled. The animation doesn’t come back after reboot. These tweaks doesn’t work. I’m running 10.15.2 (19C57).

This is strange. Then please try to reset Finder into factory defaults:

I would like to hear back if this helped.

Thank you! This one works. The animation is back!

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