OS 10.11 El Capitan and TotalFinder Compatibility

Seems that TotalFinder is completely busted with the changes that Apple has done to Finder in 10.11. I know that there are various things that the BinaryAge devs will need to look into with the new OS release, so I’m perfectly patient while waiting on a fix.


looking forward into this update too.

Also hoping for a quick fix :slight_smile:

I’m traveling back to Europe. Will report later this week as soon as I get my hands on El Capitan. Stay tuned.

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I’ve sent in a couple crash reports from chris@itechgear.org. Total Finder and El Capitan don’t seem to work and play well together. The app crashes when started and when started when the computer starts.

I’m a software QA VP. let me know how I can help you test this.

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Also looking forward to update, since I’m already only on 10.11. Only thing missing is totalfinder :slight_smile:

I’m holding off on El Capitan until TotalFinder has support. Also, has anyone tested TotalTerminal with El Cap?

TotalTerminal’s post-installer script fails, but then you can launch TotalTerminal.app manually and it works.

I’m working on TotalFinder right now. I will probably need few more days to resolve some issues.

TotalFinder 1.7.0 can be installed under El Capitan.

Let’s move under my topic, where I can share updates in the first post:

@the development team of BinaryAge:

Wouldn’t it be an idea to built an app TotalFinder (like Path finder). I really think Total Finder is the best file management program on OSX! It would be a waste to throw away all the brilliant features! If I have to pay again for the app, No Problem it’s worth the money!

All you out there that are fan of Total Finder, cheer to move the programmers to make an app Total Finder!

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The greatest TotalFinder’s selling point was that it was just an add-on or plugin into Finder. So you get all Finder features and some extra features on top. Building a standalone app is a different ball game and there is a strong competition already. I think they do pretty good job.

I would like to uninstall totalfinder !
Because when I change my OSX, I have to upgrade totalfinder : install THE new version and paying another fee.

Here you have uninstallation instructions:

You don’t have to pay any additional fees. Actually I have never charged an upgrade fee for TotalFinder.

So, it is normal that I can read unregistered Totalfinder or something like that on my finder window ?

This is my Order number :smile:
Your TotalFinder License Order BA110116-4357-71659

Actually, I prefer erase Totalfinder than people can imagine that I use a pirate version.

Thanx for your answer.

Thanks for purchasing. Please follow this page to register your copy with your license key:

does anybody else facing problems with totalfinder under el capitan that the sorting view (eg on date, type, …) is not working correctly;
when i choose to sort by date (ascending/descending) i only receive ‘mixed’ results never an ordered one.

as soon as i disable/uninstall total finder everything works fine!

any idea?

Yes, I can confirm this bug. I will fix it eventually. Current workaround is to leave the folder and return back. Initial view should be sorted properly.

thank you for recognizing!
i know TF is not officially supported under el capitan but i would appreciate to have this fixed (if not too troublesome)