Osx 10.9.5

Last few weeks I’ve started to have major issues with TF. I thought it was something else but killed Total Finder by removing it from the system and now everything is fine. I’ve searched these forums a bit but can’t find anything like my problem.

It would crash after being up for awhile, sometimes days, where the top menu bar would freeze, and you wouldn’t be able to click in some apps at all, especially Finder. I could open new windows but not select anything. Sometimes right click would work, sometimes not.

I could open Activity Monitor, but wasn’t able to click anything. I mean it was like a virus. Only thing that would solve it would be to power down and restart. It kept happening until I deleted TF.

had the latest version that the app wanted. I let it auto update.

I still use extensively on 10.8.5 on my other computer (a MacPro) and it’s fine. Rarely crashes.

My problem system is a MacBook Pro 2011 model, 12GB Ram, 10.9.5