Overview grid - TS2 thinks I have 16 desktops, but no

Hello all from France,

New Mac (Sierra 10.12) and TS2 user, I hope you can help me.
TS2 initially worked and then for whatever reason the following problem arose: I can no longer see the overview grid, and when I try to get back to a single desktop, TS2 flashes the following pop-up: “DESKTOP CREATION: Could not create all requested desktops. The system limit is 16 (plus specials)”.

Could you help me please ? :slight_smile:



Bonjour from Finland.

It seems likely that SIP has become turned on. See here for instructions to turn it off: https://totalspaces.binaryage.com/elcapitan

I have heard that apple updates can change the SIP setting, but I haven’t experienced it myself.

(Note if you are using TotalSpaces2 v2.5.4 then different instructions apply: https://totalspaces.binaryage.com/sipsettings )