Parallels incompatibility

Not sure if there have been many issues coming up with Parallels or if you can test to find the issue I am having. But whenever I am using Parallels and working within the Windows desktop from there, if I activate totalspaces (specifically by using the mouse trigger button), it freezes a portion of Parallels making it unusable for when I go back to it. Specifically either the desktop portion of windows or sometimes just the program I am working in (usually Quicken). The only way to fix the issue is to shutdown windows and close parallels altogether and then reopen again. Any thoughts?

Hi, I have heard of some issues with Parallels, but I don’t have a setup of it. I also checked whether I could report an issue to them, but the support channels appear to be closed to non-customers.

I’m sorry, I’m not sure there’s much I can do just now.