Passing TotalSpaces config to TotalSpaces2

I just installed Mavericks, so I have to update to TotalSpaces2 as well - just downloaded and installed.

I remember spending a long time configuring TotalSpaces when I first installed it - quite a painful process, though I’ve been happy with the result.

Now TotalSpaces2 is asking to be set up from scratch. How do I get TotalSpaces2 to inherit that original setup from TotalSpaces, so that I don’t have to reproduce all my research and set up effort? Thanks.

Hi, I’m sorry - usually the most involved part of the setup is the app assignments, but there isn’t really any way to transfer the app assignments because the space ids change when upgrading to Mavericks. I realise this is basically a technical reason, but we don’t have any way to import the previous settings.

The assignments are stored in the file ~/Library/Preferences/ - it may be helpful for you to look at this file to see if your previous config is still present.