Pinned Visor Won't Remain Frontmost Window


I noticed that my TF visor will not remain as the topmost window when pinned. It does remain open, but clicking on another app’s windows raises that app above TF’s visor. Unless I’m misunderstanding the way a pinned visor is supposed to work, I assumed that once you pinned it, its entire visibility would be enabled meaning that the visor remains open as well as floating on top.

I seem to only get that functionality if I have multiple displays as the visor stays visible on the original display it was opened in, but then I can click and browse other windows on any other external display I have without losing visibility of the visor. Additionally, it seems as though I have to enable “Show on top of Dock” to get the functionality I was expecting just from a pinned visor. I’d rather not enable that feature if possible as with it enabled, you can no longer view/interact with the Dock as it’s always covered by a visible TF visor.

Am I encountering a bug or is this how TF is supposed to function? Thanks!

macOS 12.6.6
TotalFinder 1.14.2

Looks like, after some additional testing, there’s a partial way to make it work, but only for multiple monitors.

Without having to enable “Show on top of Dock”, I can get the visor to stay on top by:

  • Pinning a visible visor
  • Clicking outside of the visor on any external monitor that doesn’t have the visor on it
  • Clicking back to my main monitor.
  • I can then click in and out of Finder all I want and it will always remain visible.

I still can’t get it to work on a single display (so I can’t access the feature at all on my MBP), but it’s at least something…


This functionality is working as intended.

The “pin” button on the Visor is not intended to make it always appear on top over every other application, it is only intended to prevent the Visor from shrinking back down when you switch to another application.

That being said, I will consider adding the “Always on Top” functionality that you desire as a toggleable preference in a future update, and have noted it down as such.

Thank you for your feedback!

@akemin_dayo thanks so much for the clarification! I appreciate taking the feedback for an always-on-top option and no stress on it being released. I’m a dev myself and you can only do so many features at a time haha. As long as it’s working as intended, I can learn to adjust as at least it won’t be working erratically since it’s the actual function.


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@tristinDLC I have implemented your requested “Show Visor above other apps when pinned” option (※ name subject to change) in the upcoming TotalFinder 1.15.1.

It exists alongside the “Always show Visor above Dock” option (slightly renamed for clarity).

The behaviour is as follows: When the option is enabled, clicking the blue Pin button on a Visor window will cause it to stay in place and draw above other apps.

If “Always show Visor above Dock” is enabled, that setting takes precedence.

Is this pretty much what you are looking for? Or did I misunderstand your posts?

※ There is a rare chance that you may encounter an application that is still able to draw on top of a pinned+prioritised Visor due to me implementing the feature in a way that prioritises UX and compatibility.

If this breaks your workflow, you can create a special flag file in your home directory that change the Visor behaviour to avoid this, albeit at the cost of theoretically introducing potentially annoying behaviour.