Pixelated Microsoft Remote Desktop screens

Recently I’ve having a problem with Microsoft Remote Desktop screens becoming pixelated and basically unusable. I have uninstalled/reinstalled RDP with no help.

I’ve also uninstalled TS2 and reinstalled it, also with no help.

I’m running MacOS 10.15.6, RDP 10.4.0 (1811), TS2 2.8.12.

What I found is that this problem ONLY occurs when I display the grid to switch screens. If I scroll left/right/up/down to get to a screen, the RDP session is fine. It’s only when I display the TS2 grid and then go back to the RDP screen it becomes pixelated and unusable. The way to fix it is to kill the RDP session and reconnect. It then works fine until I display the grid again and then back to the same problem.

Has anyone else seen this problem?