Please Add A "Window-Shade" Effect :)

Love Total Finder but ONE WISH… I adore the ability to merge two open windows - that was a genius design move. I love the old-school labels - kudos on that as well. There are a lot of GREAT features and this was well worth my $12 for the superb-but-subtle added functionality.
My ONE WISH however would be to add the old-school Window Shade Effect where you double-click on the top bar of any open window and it rolls UP so you just see the name of the window (e.g. “Desktop,” “Documents,” [specific personal folder], etc) and the top bar. I LOVED that in older Mac OS versions and have always paid to add that feature when they took it out, but now its impossible to find. BINARY AGE - Please Add A Window Shade Effect !!! Thank you for listening. :slight_smile: