Plz add color tabs in apple mail

Total finder works great for creating full color labels (instead of just a dot) which is the main reason I purchased the program, but one the places it still does not create full color labels is within apples mail program as it did in older versions. Is there an update in the works for this much needed fix that would help complete the addition of full color labels?

I use a 3-program combo to bring back colors in finder and mail:

  1. Total Finder for colorizing the filename/info/etc in finder list view (also invaluable for side-by-side tabs to move files, and many other plusses, but that’s another topic)
  2. Folderol to extend the colors to the folder icon (useful when doing saves from programs that don’t play well with TotalFinder colors–usually at least the folder color will show up), AND
  3. MailTags to colorize message list within AppleMail. (Also for message tagging: tags can be shared with Finder tags; and many other useful organizing aids.)
    I too rely on colors to cue my eyes when viewing file and message lists–these three, together, do the trick for me.
    Good luck.