Possible issue: Show In Finder?

Some users are reporting that Show In Finder for downloaded files in Firefox, or songs in iTunes, or even opening the Trash from the Dock doesn’t work.

I’m running 10.7.5 with TotalFinder 1.4.18 and am not experiencing this. Anyone else?

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Show in finder does not work for me. I try to do this most often with Chrome. Although the action opens the Visor successfully, it neither opens the Download folder nor selects the folder if it’s already open in a non-selected Finder tab.

Would love a fix for this one. :slight_smile:

I am also experiencing the same bug. I normally use DefaultFolderX and hotkey combinations to open Finder windows. Previously it was working fine. But now, when I hit the hotkey combination the finder window does not open. 10% of the time the window may open. Sometimes I see a window in the background which contains the files that are inside the folder to be opened. But that window is inaccessible and stays as if it floats over the desktop. When I close the Visor it also disappears. I guess this is a docking problem. The window is created but it cannot be docked into the GUI of TotalFinder tabs. This bug is really frustrating since my usage highly depends on the hotkey shortcuts.

I am using Mavericks 10.9.4 + Total Finder 1.6.8. Total Finder 1.6.2 also didn’t work.

It only doesn´t work when TF is running.

That´s true on 10.10.4 (again). Does anybody else have this issue?

I have a “show in finder” problem. Are you guys problems similar to mine, which i described here?



Same problem here, with OSX v10.10.4 and TotalFinder v.1.6.27: whenever I click on “Show in FInder” in a Firefox download, it opens an irresponsive FInder window in the middle of the screen, it cannot be closed, moved or used (I mean, it’s not usable, you cannot neither click on files in it nor do any other action). It will go below other windows if you active them, but it will go away only if you reset Finder.